Our Services

We help our clients and families find their own resources and solutions to the various challenges they face in everyday life. We offer support, such as strengthening one’s self-esteem, cognitive control, life management and becoming independent. Each client’s individual coaching objectives will be mutually determined with our partner organizations.

Neuropsychiatric Coaching

Neuropsychiatric challenges include:

  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Asperger
  • Tourette syndrome

Challenges related to learning and life management often require supportive discussion, guidance and counselling.

We all face challenges at some point in our lives. Some people pull through those challenges alone, or with the help of a friend or a family member; however, many may need outside help to cope. Each person has their own strengths to help overcome challenges. The entire staff of Luotsari has been trained as neuropsychiatric coaches who aim to find solutions, both individually and pragmatically, to strengthen your resources and help in the challenging issues that affect your everyday life.

Neuropsychiatric coaching usually consists of 10 to 15 sessions. Neuropsychiatric coaching, or sessions, are held in your own environment, for example, at home, school, your workplace or recreational activities. This enables us to form a realistic image of your everyday life and your actions and activities; from this, we can jointly determine suitable solutions to your challenges.

Family work /neuropsychiatric family work

Our services include family work. We work with the entire family, or part of it, providing two staff members for this process. These meetings are often held at the home of the family. Family work is strategic, and set objectives are regularly evaluated. The intensity of this type of work depends on the customers’ needs: it may be short-term or very intense, as needed.

Family work aims to:

  • support parenthood
  • clarify tasks, responsibilities and rights of both adults and children

When working with families, we always acknowledge neuropsychiatric issues, if one or several family members need neuropsychiatric support.

Vocational Support Specialist

We operate as vocational support specialists for children, youth and young adults. Our work is based on developing a confidential relationship between the client and support person. A vocational support specialist offers support in areas such as schooling, studies and recreational activities, in strengthening one’s self-esteem, practising social skills and being independent, and taking care of oneself.

When needed, we use neuropsychiatric coaching elements in our vocational support work, and acknowledge neuropsychiatric challenges.

NUOTTI Coaching

NUOTTI Coaching suits you if you are aged between 16 and 29 and need support in clarifying your life situation and wishes for the future. You neither work nor study yet, but you would like to plan your future.

During coaching, you will have your own personal coach to support you, and any of us can be your coach. NUOTTI Coaching will be planned and implemented in accordance with your own requests.

NUOTTI Coaching includes up to 20 sessions during a maximum length of 10 months. One session lasts one hour.

Aftercare meetings

We provide aftercare services for young people, immigrants, or previous clients of the child protection service having a statutory right to aftercare (2007/417 75§). We provide support for becoming independent, arranging studies and hobbies, strengthening social skills and taking care of yourself. Our objective is to have young people participate actively and independently in society by being part of society.

When needed, we use neuropsychiatric coaching elements in aftercare work, and acknowledge neuropsychiatric challenges.